Boxing Equipment

Heavy-Duty Boxing Stands & Bags for Complete Training

Did you know boxing bags can help reduce stress and build stability while improving endurance, coordination and balance? A durable boxing stand and bags with bench presses are also great equipment for cardio workouts. However, choosing the right boxing bag is vital for a successful training program. To make things easier, Just Fitness has a hand-picked range of high-quality and durable 1-way boxing stands and 2-way boxing stands and bags to choose from.

The punching bags and boxing stands our Melbourne stores stock are a great addition to your home gym, helping you achieve your strength and fitness goals. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned professional, our collection of punch bag stands and heavy boxing bags for sale has everything you need to get in perfect shape.

Tough Boxing Equipment

Looking for boxing equipment to enhance your endurance and overall physical fitness? Look no further than our excellent range of boxing bag stands in Australia. Boxing bags are a great way to improve power and strength as well as help you hone your punching or kicking skills.

Besides that, boxing stands and bags also benefit you in numerous ways. They help build endurance, enhance coordination and balance and even reduce stress. This makes boxing bags great for professionals as well as anyone that wants to meet their fitness goals.

Our punching bags and speedballs are designed to take the toughest and fastest of blows, helping you to become stronger and fitter. Features such as UV protection, anti-cracking and latex bladder materials also ensure our boxing bags will stand the test of time and provide you with what you need for your workouts.

Prepare for the Ring

Our standard boxing bags come in lengths ranging from 2.5ft to 5ft, allowing customers of all heights and sizes to buy a hanging punching bag that suits them. Filled with a special blend of cottons and wools, these bags can weather your punches for many months to come. For a unique touch, check out our Ripstop boxing bags that are specially designed to replicate what it feels like to hit a human body. And don’t forget to train for sharp hand-to-eye coordination with our punching balls that come complete with an Australian made graphite swivel. This means they can comfortably take quick blows and immediately return the ball ready for another punch.

Enjoy Australia-Wide Delivery

Just Fitness can ship hanging boxing bags and boxing stands Australia wide for the convenience of our customers. This means we can deliver our punching bags and punching bag stands straight to your door, no matter where you are! Customers looking for a bag stand or punching bag in Melbourne can also choose to visit one of our stores in Epping, Blackburn, Heidelberg or Hoppers Crossing to see our boxing equipment in Melbourne in person.

Boxing Bag Sizes We Offer

  • 2-foot boxing bag
  • 2.5-foot boxing bag
  • 3-foot boxing bag
  • 4-foot boxing bag
  • 5-foot boxing bag
  • 6-foot boxing bag

Boxing Stand Options We Offer

  • 1-way stands
  • 2-way stands

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Shop boxing bags online with Just Fitness today. You can also call us on 1300 212 222 or enquire online to speak to our friendly sales team about any of our punching bags and boxing stands for sale or hire.