Rowing Machines

The most effective workouts are often those that work out multiple muscle groups simultaneously and simply keep you interested. Incorporating a new machine into your exercise routine not only maintains your motivation, but also shocks your body into thinking it’s doing a ‘new’ workout. If you’re getting bored of using the same old fitness machines and want to get a complete body workout with something new, now is the time to buy a rowing machine from Just Fitness.

A magnetic or water resistance rowing machine is a piece of gym equipment designed to simulate the action of a person rowing a boat on water. The movement and actions involved give it the feel of competing in an outdoor sport, all while delivering a range of fitness benefits. They provide a great upper body workout that involves the shoulders, upper and lower back (and to a lesser extent the arms, chest and abs). The lower body also gets a strong workout, particularly the quadriceps and calf muscles in the legs, and the buttocks. Rowing is a highly effective aerobic workout, as the use of so many muscle groups helps to raise both heart rate and intake of oxygen. The benefits of rowing gym equipment are aplenty, so there’s no better time than now to check out our rowing machines for sale or hire.

At Just Fitness, we make it easy for customers to rent or buy a rowing machine Australia wide. We can offer a great magnetic or fluid rowing machine for sale in Melbourne and beyond that you’re sure to love exercising with.

Rowing Machine Fitness Benefits

Our rowing machines for home use offer a wide range of benefits, including:

Cardio Benefits

The rowing machines our Melbourne stores stock provide an outstanding cardiovascular workout. Rowing raises your heart rate, which helps strengthen the heart whilst improving circulation.

Less Injuries

The low impact on joints helps to reduce the likelihood of injuries.

Increase Stamina

Rowing machines are an excellent choice for endurance and stamina training.

Muscle Strength

Exercises all muscles, but the major muscles are the biceps, quadriceps, rhomboids, biceps femoris and lattissimus dorsi. Rowing regularly will particularly strengthen the shoulders, arms and back muscles. Using the right magnetic or fluid rower can also improve the strength and tone of core muscles.

Weight Loss

Rowing burns 600 – 1,000 calories per hour, making it a highly effective exercise for losing weight.


The Australian weather is sadly never dependable, and dark winter nights are never appealing. A home magnetic or water rowing machine is a convenient and reliable fitness option throughout the year.


Home rowing machines are a great option if you live in a flat or you want to keep the noise down.

Easy to Deliver

Our rowing machines are relatively lightweight, so if you have lots of steps or access to your home is tricky, they’re one of the easiest options to get delivered.

Find Exercise Rowing Machines for Sale at Low Prices

Just Fitness provides a wide range of feature-packed rowing machines for sale and rent to suit any budget, from top-end to discount, with features such as an exercise computer that allows you to track your progress. We can also deliver our rowing machines Australia wide, making it easy to buy rowing machines online from all the best brands including First Degree Fitness, Grand, Ignite and PowerLand. Whether you’re looking for water, air, hydraulic or magnetic rowing machines, we have no shortage of options that boast solid construction.

If you’re thinking about hiring or purchasing any rowing exercise machine for sale that we offer, we recommend measuring your workout space so we can supply you with rowing gym equipment that will give you enough room to exercise comfortably. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be able to help you find an intensive rowing machine with water or other resistance capabilities that will best meet your training needs.

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