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Weight Benches – Buy a Sit Up Bench, Incline Bench & More

If you’re serious about your fitness training and follow a programme regularly, then a weight bench is likely to be an essential feature of your home gym. Types of weightlifting benches like the sit up bench, incline bench and squat rack are versatile fitness tools that can be effectively used for a wide variety of exercises and purposes, whether they’re fixed to a bench press machine or utilised for exercises that use just your body weight, like triceps dips or incline push ups. A good quality weight bench can be easily adjusted to enable you to train specific parts of a muscle group, for example a flat bench press will work the largest part of the pectoral (chest) muscles compared to the decline bench press, which develops the lowest part of the pectorals. If you’re looking for a cheap bench press or sit up bench that will provide you with a complete upper body workout, explore the weight benches available from Just Fitness.

We offer a great selection of incline benches and weight benches in Australia that customers can purchase or rent from us at competitive prices. Our handpicked weight bench range is ideal for all ages and practitioners to suit your multiple fitness needs. We can deliver all of our weight benches Australia wide for your convenience, or else you can see every bench press our Melbourne stores stock by visiting one of our locations in Blackburn, Epping, Hoppers Crossing or Heidelberg.

Essential Equipment for Upper Body Training

At Just Fitness, we’re committed to helping you get the most from your workouts with our adjustable incline bench and squat rack models that enable you to train specific body parts. Our weight bench range consists of different designs and styles to suit your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for an adjustable or fixed weight bench, we’re sure to have the ideal option for you – simply browse through our complete list of weightlifting benches to find the sit up bench, squat rack or incline bench you’re looking for. We have every bench press for sale in Melbourne and beyond to help you achieve your fitness goals!

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Shop adjustable benches or find the perfect fixed weight bench for sale online today at Just Fitness. For further information on any weight bench for sale or rent, feel free to give us a call on 1300 212 222 or enquire online.