Elliptical Cross Trainers

Are you looking for a high-quality elliptical cross trainer for sale or hire to get you in shape? At Just Fitness, we offer a comprehensive range of elliptical trainer machines that provide an easy and effective way to lose weight, tone up, improve your health and reach your desired level of fitness. An elliptical trainer is a great way of staying active with a low impact workout that’s still beneficial. Browse our range of elliptical trainers for sale or rent online, or visit one of our stores in Thomastown and Hoppers Crossing.

Gym Cross Trainer Benefits

Exercising on an elliptical cross trainer can help you lose weight, get fit, tone up your muscles and improve health. These cross-trainer benefits can be realised by training regularly even for a short period of time. Cross trainers also provide a fantastic low impact workout, which means they’re kinder to the joints and muscles than other gym equipment.

Here are some excellent benefits elliptical cross trainers provide:

Get a Full Body Workout

Cross trainers can tone and strengthen the quads, hamstrings, calves, bottom and arms, all at the same time. They can also flex your stomach and sides due to the gentle twisting movements. You can increase the resistance level to improve muscle tone or keep the resistance levels low to achieve cardio and weight loss goals. We recommend that you buy elliptical cross trainer products with an incline feature so you can target your stomach and thighs too.

Weight Loss & Calorie Burning

Elliptical cross trainers are fantastic for burning calories because they work multiple muscle groups at the same time, providing a more intense workout. The number of calories you can burn on an elliptical cross trainer will vary based on age, gender, physical fitness and the amount of effort you exert. As a rough guide, it takes an average of 30 minutes to burn 200 calories.

Target Problem Areas & Strengthen Your Core

Change the emphasis of your workout based on the body part you want to target. For example, if you want to strengthen and tone your arms, relax your leg muscles and let your arms pump backwards and forwards. You can also work on improving your core stability by taking your arms off the handles and solely using your legs to exercise. Cross trainers are completely adaptable and offer something for everyone, whatever your age, gender, fitness goal or ability.

Health Benefits

Elliptical cross trainers provide a fantastic cardio workout for the heart. A few sessions a week on an elliptical cross trainer can improve general aerobic fitness, strengthen bones and increase lung capacity.

Better For Your Joints

There is no doubt that cross trainers offer a much lower impact workout than running. Your feet don’t leave the supports on a cross trainer, which creates much less impact on your knees, joints and back and reduces the likelihood of injury. The longer the stride length, the smoother the motion and impact on your joints.

The Perfect Training Alternative

Cross trainers are a great supplementary training option if you’re working towards an endurance challenge. Cross trainers make your body work harder, as they’re not tailored to a single goal such as gaining strength or getting faster – they do both simultaneously! This means your body and fitness levels can improve at a much faster rate compared to sticking to just one type of exercise.


Cross trainers are quiet to operate, making them the perfect fitness solution for the home. At Just Fitness, we offer elliptical cross trainers in Melbourne that are specifically designed to enhance your home gym with beautiful design features that will help you achieve your fitness goals faster.

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If you’d like to buy an elliptical machine for home use, shop elliptical cross trainers online at Just Fitness! You’ll find a selection of popular brands such as Grand, Matrix and Horizon Fitness, with cross trainers available to suit almost any budget. No matter what your budget for a gym cross trainer in Melbourne is, we can assist you in choosing the best elliptical machine for sale or rent for your needs.

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